Kudos on the new site!

I have always been eager to receive any Railsplitter correspondence that came my way. Being somewhat forewarned of this pending announcement when my email inquiry was answered with a “be patient oh faithful and trusting Lincoln servant” response I was heartened to finally receive the notice card in the mail informing me that the Railsplitter was again fluttering back to life. And when I read the announcement about the conversion and transformation of the journal to electronic medium I was ecstatic. Finally, when I opened up the website it was truly a wonder to behold. The layout is superb. The various page links are simple and easy to access. Applying the modern elements of electronic social networking to the Railsplitter will reap a bounty of communicative possibilities and a multi-fold improvement in graphic presentation.

Congratulations and many kudos to you and Don for the successful launching of this masterful masterpiece.


Stephen M. Coon
Bartlett, IL

[Editor: Aw, shucks, it warn't nuttin'.]

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