This daguerreotype looks like Lincoln, but is it Lincoln?


I am a small-time picker and have found a very unusual daguerreotype which I literally found after buying a bunch of things at a small auction. I noticed the hat right off when I found the dag in a small tin inside another tin but, didn’t think much until I read more history of Lincoln, looked at actual pics without his beard like this subject and also learned that if he were photoed at his later stage in life, would have been a daguerreotype. Also, I didn’t know he commonly did not have a beard and his dress like this is more accurate with the skinny tie and turned down collar which he did not wear while younger. Also, he was not as popular during his older stage and civil war of course so what are the chances of someone wanting to impersonate him so much? This is cool either way. I would like your opinion and maybe see if its something that an expert can tell its age more accurate as the “Kaplan” daguerreotype was never completely convincing but I think this looks more like him than that one. Thanks.

Tom M.
January 29, 2012

[Editor: Well, the clothing and accessories look good, but that's about it. This looks more like an ambrotype or a tintype. Lincoln was photographed using the daguerreotype process in the 1846-1858 period, as well as the ambrotype process shortly before running for President. The process used is unimportant when compared with the sad reality that this is not Lincoln. He lacks the trademark mole, the eyebrows are wrong, the hair is wrong, the facial contours incorrect, the mouth and chin area too sallow. But, don't get discouraged. Continue looking and you may yet find that proverbial pot of gold.]

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