Breyer Model Horses

Railsplitter Thomas Lapsley writes:
Dear Sirs:
Breyer Model Horses has just produced a 1:9 model figure of Abraham Lincoln’s horse “Old Bob”. The figure comes in the black drapery he wore in Lincoln’s funeral procession in Springfield. Priced at 49.95, it can be purchased thru
Here is the web site photo and description:
Civil War Sesquicentennial Model
From 2011 to 2015, Americans mark the 150th anniversary, or “sesquicentennial” of the Civil War. Breyer Animal Creations commemorates the occasion with a model of Lincoln’s favorite horse Robin, affectionately known as “Old Bob.” One of several mounts Lincoln owned during his lifetime, Old Bob was a chestnut horse who carried the future president during his career as a lawyer.
Soon after the Confederate surrender to Federal forces in April, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by Southern radical John Wilkes Booth at Washington, D.C.’s Ford Theatre. Draped in traditional black, Old Bob trudged sadly behind Lincoln’s hearse in the late president’s funeral procession.

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