The 10th Annual Rail Splitter
Lincolniana & Civil War Auction!


SEPTEMBER 15, 2005

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Imprints, Books, Reference Material
(Lots 1-57)
Photographica: Misc. Format & CDVs
(Lots 58-264)
Photographica: Cabinet Cards, Stereoviews, Hard Images and Large Format (Lots 265 - 305)
Autographs & Manuscripts (Lots 306 - 451)
Political & Campaign Material (Lots 452-673)
Civil War Correspondence & Diaries (Lots 674-723)
Civil War Broadsides, Ephemera, Philately, Currency & Relics
(Lots 724-809)
The Grant Gallery (Lots 810-862)
Black Americana (Lots 863-927)
On Stage, Works of Art (Lots 928-968)
Assassination & Mourning Material
(Lots 969-1085)
Later Politicals, G.A.R., Commemoratives, Newspapers
(Lots 1086-1143)
The Emancipation Proclamation
(Lot 1144)

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