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Photographica: Cabinet Cards & Stereoviews

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287. Entitled by Herbert Wells Fay on verso label: “An Historical Treasure.”Lincoln by F. McNulty of Springfield, IL, 1861. One tiny crease at forehead visible only when angled to light, extensive printed legend by collector and Tomb Curator Fay on verso. Overall, quite nice. (Est. $400-500)

288. Lincoln by F. McNulty of Springfield, IL, 1883. (#O-91.) As noted on a printed legend on verso, this is “From an original negative taken in 1861, just before leaving his home for Washington City, and believed to be the only one in existence taken previous to his inauguration as President of the United States. This is the last negative taken of him in Illinois.” Just a bit light, small area of age/tone at perimeter, a mint specimen sold for almost $1,200 last year…this should well be worth…(Est. $500-800)

289. The classic Ayres/Hesler mounted cabinet card of Lincoln by Rockwood, imprint on lower mount, from the original negative. This study taken by Alexander Hesler on June 3, 1860 in Springfield #O-26. Exceptionally warm tone, scarce in this format and in excellent condition. (Est. $500-600)

290. General James Longstreet. A cabinet card by Handy, nephew of M. Brady and heir to use of his original plates. Loss to corners of board; the photo is bold, resonant. (Est. $150-300)

291. William H. English (1822-96), Democratic running-mate in 1880 with Winfield S. Hancock; Indiana Representative. A very scarce cabinet card photograph by Sarony, New York. (Est. $120-160)

292. Part of Sitting Bull’s “crew!” A great cabinet card, detailed in printed legend on verso of this 1882 photograph by Bailey, Dix & Mead (Fort Randall, Dakotah Territory): “A Nes Perce Indian, who escaped from his band, while surrounded in the bad lands of Nebraska, by Gen’l Miles, in 1878. He then joined Sitting Bull’s band of Uncapapa Souix (sic.) Indians in the British possessions…He lost his feet above the ankles, also his right hand by being frozen, having been caught in one of the severe snow storms, 12 years ago.” Slight curve to mount, a clean example. (Est. $1,000-1,500)

293. Note the corpse on a table! Wonderful view of “Dr. Richard Burr, Embalming Surgeon, Army of the James.” Bold tones, truly pristine condition. (Est. $450-500)

294. Stereo by Anthony, flat orange mount: C.S. killed by a shell in the trenches of Fort Mahone, called by soldiers fort Damnation. Small loss of mount on upper left side, otherwise image is pristine. (Est. $300-350)

295. A great study by Taylor & Huntington: “The Ambulance Corps.” A drill in progress… note the “wounded” being loaded onto the wagon from stretchers! (Est. $200-300)

296. Titled on verso: “Maj. Gen. A.E. Burnside and members of his Staff at his Headquarters, near Richmond, VA.” Great Taylor stereo from Brady negative, flat orange mount, a nice example. (Est. $250-350)

297. William Seward and family at home stereo view. The Sec. of State sits on his back porch at home in Auburn, NY. Likely shortly after his assassination attempt. Bend/crease at the center between the two images else fine. (Est. $80-120)

298. Taylor & Huntington stereoview: “Review of Col. Dwight’s ‘Excelsior Brigade'”. A fine example. (Est. $80-120)

299. The young drummer boy waits for chow! “Camp at Berlin Pond. Norwich University Cadets.” A fine stereoview by L.O. Churchill of Montpelier, VT: a military camp with young drummer boy in line. Flat yellow mount, quite nice. (Est. $100-150)

300. Anthony/Brady stereoview: “Wounded at Fredericksburgh, Va.” Typical age, rubbing/abrasions at edges of orange mount, weakness at one corner, still a neat photograph. (Est. $100-150)

301. Confederate prisoners! A Taylor stereo from Brady negative, orange mount, titled label on verso: “Confederate prisoners on their way to the rear under guard. These prisoners were captured by Gen. Sheridan at Five Forks, Va., April 2, 1865.” Light, typical surface age, we assume these were among the very last of the last< to be captured in combat. (Est. $300-500)

302. “A Pontoon Bridge on the James River” by Taylor & Huntington. A bold, clean stereo. (Est. $100-150)

303. Taylor & Huntington stereoview: “Confederate Dead at Fort Robinette, Corinth.” A fine example. (Est. $200-300)

304. “Section of Bridge and Steamer, St. Louis” stereoview, titled on verso, from the Mississippi River set. Flat yellow mount, absolutely pristine condition. (Est. $150-200)

305. A site that gave birth to the Civil War! Anthony stereo, titled label on verso: “The ruins of Circular Church and Secession Hall, Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.” Very light, even age, flat yellow mount, nice. (Est. $100-150)

306. “Quarter Deck of U.S. Ship Pawnee. Taken at Charleston Harbor, S.C.” Anthony/Brady, some mottling/foxing, titled label on verso. (Est. $80-100)

307. With 1865 Anthony copyright “Negative by Brady & Co.,” titled label: “The Private Box at Ford’s Theatre, the place where President Lincoln was assassinated.” Some age/rubbing to mount, light foxing , nice contrast. (Est. $300-500)

308. Another example also on flat mount with titled label on verso. Even age, corners wear, otherwise good. (Est. $300-400)

309. Two fine stereoviews with titled labels on verso: one by Anthony, the “South Front of the White House”; the other being Ford’s Theatre “In this Theatre the Assassination of President Lincoln occurred.” A nice pair. (Est. $100-200)

310. Pair of New Hampshire muster reunion stereoviews with paste-down labels on verso by J. Parker of Newport, NH. The standing group is detailed as “Sullivan Commandy KY.” Light age/foxing, green boards. (Est. $250-300)

311. Group of eight (8) stereoviews of Civil War memorials. Another eclectic grouping. (Est. $80-100)

312. Group of six (6) Central Park stereoviews, one hand-colored, great period studies. (Est. $80-120)

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