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Numismatica, Exonumia & Philately

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655. A superb example – a masterpiece in medallic art! The classic Victor David Brenner bas-relief copper plaque, “Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865.” 7 x 9 1/2”, with 1907 copyright incused at side, this example enjoys a rich patina – quite lovely in appearance, and is mounted on the original presentation green marble with T-bar (easel) stand on verso, 8 1/2 x 11” overall. Brenner (1871-1924), a native of Lithuania, is best known as the designer of the Lincoln penny. (Interestingly, his initials first appeared on the cent in 1909, at the bottom of the back side of the cent. It was removed in the second half of 1909 only to reappear on the shoulder in 1918. Don’t ask us why… contact your local numismatist!) We sold a particularly fine example on a marble base seven years ago for $3,000. This specimen is equally desirable.    (Est. $1,500-2,000)

656. Another example of the Brenner plaque, light vertigris, original brass stand, malachite green marble cracked but nicely repaired on verso, small area of circular loss at top of marble, a nice specimen. (Est. $1,200-1,500)

657. Brenner bas-relief copper plaque,  7 x 9” with Brenner incused at side with loop on verso. Rich tones and patina, quite lovely in appearance, and accompanied with a three page 1962 letter from the Treasury Dept. Director of the Mint to the original owner on the history of the “Lincoln Plaque.” This example is excellent.  (Est. $1,200-1,500)

Huge, terrific examples of medallic artwork!

658. Circular, 1865 U.S. Grant wall plaque. The center has a bronze disc with raised bust of the General, 21” in diameter. This is set within a gilt liner, within a mahogany frame, 28” in diameter overall. The bust is inscribed: “Patent Applied For. Wm. Miller & Co. Metallurgists. Providence, R.I.F. Simmons. Sculp. U. S. Grant, Lieut. Gen. 1865.” Liner has some breaks, neatly repaired. An impressive piece, produced to celebrate the Union victory! Quite heavy. (Est. $800-1,200)

659. The matching wall plaque for Philip Sheridan. Similarly inscribed, the subject identified as “P. H. Sheridan, Maj. Gen. 1865”. Excellent condition. (Est. $800-1,000)

660. 4” patinated brass plaque with head of “Abraham Lincoln” in high relief facing right. Suspension loop at top. Produced in France, along with a matching piece for William Seward, both in metal and pietra dura, or petrified wood. Excellent condition. Circa 1863-5.      (Est. $150-200)

661. Three (3) medals of varied fabric. Includes: 40 mm. thermoplastic medal issued by the Union Coffee Company circa 1900 (some roughness around pierced hole and top edge), 35 mm. wooden medal issued for the Century of Progress in Chicago 1934, and a 30 mm. gutta percha or composition medal referring to the fact that Lincoln’s grandfather was killed by an Indian in Kentucky, signed T.L.E. for Thomas Elder, famed New York City numismatist. (OPEN)

662. Four (4) early twentieth century medals: 50 mm. bronze centennial, two 32 mm. reductions of the above medal with silver and bronze finish and attached ribbons, and a gilded brass version inscribed “1865-1909 Abraham Lincoln” issued by the Illinois Watch Co.. EF-Unc. (OPEN)

663. Pair of bronze finish centennial medals, 25 mm. and 31 mm. with original ribbons, accompanied by original envelope signed in type by then-current NYC Mayor George McClellan. (OPEN)

664. Eight (8) medals. 34 mm. silver-finish centennial of Lincoln’s first inauguration with original card, two 32 mm. Medallic Art Co. in bronze and silver finish, 31 mm. bronze Illinois Watch Company, 29 mm. brass Gettysburg centennial, 33 mm. aluminum with gilded bust centennial, 25 mm. silver-finish centennial with some tarnish, and a beautifully toned 18 mm. silver U.S. Mint Medal with busts of Lincoln and Garfield. (OPEN)

665. Three (3) medals: 28 mm. gilded brass and blue enamel Pullman Sleeping Car Company Honor Award fob, unusual 27 mm. copper centennial medal, and 25 mm. silver U. S. Mint medal by Pacquet with busts of Lincoln and Garfield, lovely blue and red toning, a choice specimen. (OPEN)

666. Four (4) 18 mm. bronze U.S. Mint Medals by Anthony Pacquet, each with Lincoln’s bust on the obverse, the reverses show: Washington, Grant, Garfield and a broken mourning column. (We have seen individual examples sell for more than $100 each.) Exc. condition.    (OPEN)

667. A duplicate of the previous lot, four (4) medals. (OPEN)

668. 37 mm. x 42 mm. sterling silver “drop” issued for the June 1920 Republican National Convention in Chicago that nominated Warren Harding for the presidency. Bust of Lincoln on obv., “Republican National Convention Chicago 1920” on rev. Made by Green Duck Company of Chicago. Lovely toning, likely issued to high ranking official. Exc. (Est. $80-120)

The President authorizes
a stamp to honor Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

669. TRUMAN, Harry S. Autographed Document. U.S. Government printing office resolution signed by Harry Truman, June 29,1948, authorizing a special series of stamps commemorating the eighty-fifth anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Great!  (Est. $300-500)

670. 8 1/2 x 5 1/2” envelope in red and blue, printed to contain a packet of writing material from the Philadelphia Novelty Manufacturing Co. Graphic cover with a locomotive steaming into the “Stationery Package Depot.” The back describes the money-making potential for agents, as well as a German translation of the front text. Minor tear upper right-hand corner, else very fine. Scarce. (Est. $150-250)

671. 8 1/2 x 5” stationery packet envelope, printed in red, titled “Excelsior Accommodation. Military Portfolio.” Sold at the Sutler’s Stationery Depot in Geneve, NY and New Haven, CT. Some wonderful patriotic vignettes, including Winfield Scott and Lady Liberty. Excellent.  (Est. $150-250)

672. Five (5) postal-used items related to the S. S. President Lincoln. Includes: 1907, 1909 and 1911 postcards from the Hamburg-America Line, a “mailed at sea” envelope from the  President Lincoln of the American Mail Line with three 2-cent Philippine Island stamps, an envelope mailed from Shanghai “via S. S. President Lincoln” with four 3-cent Chinese stamps, plus an unrelated postcard of the Cunard’s Majestic. (OPEN)

673. Postal folk-art. Two postal-used envelopes, each with a hand-drawn portrait of Lincoln, postmarked on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 1942, one sent from Lincoln, NH, the other from Lincoln, MA. Great philatelic tribute!   (OPEN)

674. Lincoln specimen envelopes. Lot of five (5) mint postal stationery envelopes, each imprinted “Specimen”, printed in brown below postal imprint. Includes two #U374 4c brown (two different buff envelopes, each legal size) and three #U375 4c brown (three different size yellow envelopes, all legal size). Each has manuscript post office dept. pricing information at top. (Scott value of $300.) (OPEN)

675. Seven (7) Charles Lindbergh postal-used covers, each carried in mail runs by Lucky Lindy himself! Includes: an aerogram of the Gettysburg Address sent from Springfield with Lindbergh photo on back, an envelope with “Lindbergh Celebration” rubber stamp sent from St. Louis, a large envelope sent from Springfield to Chicago with rubber stamp, a large envelope sent from Chicago to Springfield with “Lindbergh Again Flies the Air Mail” rubber stamp, a small envelope sent from Springfield with rubber stamp commemorating Lindbergh’s NY-Paris flight, and two large envelopes with “Welcome Lindy to Springfield” portraits and two different rubber stamps.   (OPEN)

676. 14 x 17” Confederate $1,000 bond, retrieved as a war souvenir from the abandoned CSA capital. Incription at top: “From Provost Marshals office Custom House Richmond. Cotton Bond So Styled Rare. F. R. Hassler Major 13th N.Y. Artillery.” Light dampstain and pink discoloration on right half, minor split at central fold, overall fine. Ferdinand R. Hassler enlisted as a major and mustered out August 1865. His grandfather, Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler, was an author, West Point mathematics professor, and head of the Bureau of Weights and Measures.     (Est. $100-150)

677. An interesting relic and Confederate souvenir! A CSA $10-bill presented by a soldier to his aunt, inscribed on verso: “Aunt Harriet – Henry N. Rilggs, Co. F 2nd So. Ca. State Troops.” An excellent artifact from the enemy camp sent home. (Est. $80-120)

678. Take stock in Lincoln! Four (4) stock certificates depicting our 16th president. Includes: 50-pound sterling bond for the Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining Co. of Virginia, 1867 (with Queen Victoria and Abe!); 100 shares in the Kay Copper Corporation, 1924; 25,000 shares in the Pacific Land Co., 1913; and 5 shares in the Music Specialty Manuf. Co., 1903. A nice group. (OPEN)

679. The very beginning of all the misery to follow! In July 1862, President Lincoln and Congress created the office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue and enacted an income tax to pay war expenses. This scarce 1864 Civil War “Treasury Department Office of Internal Revenue” receipt is for withholding taxes. 8 x 4” engraved receipt, printed in purple on yellow by Fitch, Estee & Co., acknowledges payment of $889.13 in certificates of deposit, being “the tax on salaries withheld…” This was the IRS in its infancy.   (OPEN)

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