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Photography: Hard Images

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189. Large, quarter-plate tintype of a group of Union Vols. from ME (likely 1st ME Cav.) with Portland, ME photographer’s backdrop. Some of these guys seem a touch-too-familiar! A fun image in excellent condition housed in Berg #1-37 Lord deCoverly and the Gypsies’ Fortune thermoplastic case. Great. (Est. $600-800)

190. Sixth-plate ambrotype of doubled-armed Union private. Nice!   (Est. $300-400)

191. Sixth-plate tintype of Confederate private adorned with his sesech cockade! Light solarization, a really nice sitting.   (Est. $400-500)

192. Two (2) items: a ninth-plate ambrotype of a teenage boy wearing a tinted patriotic ribbon cockade together with a CDV of the same individual as a Union solider. He is identified as Private Samuel Clark, Co. A, 24th CT Vols. (Likely Samuel E. Clark who enlisted 8/27/62 and was killed 6/20/63.) An excellent pair.  (Est. $300-500)

193. Early war Confederate private wearing his battle shirt with gorgeous red and blue tinting, sixth-plate ambro, housed in a lovely thermoplastic case. An excellent Civil War portrait!  (Est. $600-800)

194. Pair of sixth-plate ruby ambros of a line-officer with impressive statuary backdrop. He holds a sword in both images. Housed in Berg #1-67S Liberty 2 thermoplastic case, small corner chip, it is great to have two poses of the same combatant!  (Est. $200-300)

195. Quarter-plate tintype of Union soldier identified as Private James E. Dow, “D” Co., Maine 1st Cavalry. He stands in a studio setting wearing his kepi and frock coat. Slightly dark, but in nice condition.  (Est. $400-500)

196. Quarter-plate tintype of Union private with gold Corps badge on chest. Excellent condition.  (Est. $200-300)

197. Quarter-plate ambrotype of two soldiers playing cards, crazing and crackling along outside of central image detracts little; some darkening, housed in a gold mat.  (Est. $300-400)

198. Sixth-plate ambrotype of Confederate private, likely from Virginia. Buttons tinted gold, a handsome image.   (Est. $600-800)

199. Sixth-plate tintype of a Union line officer with his sword.  (Est. $100-150)

200. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a Union cavalry private. The photograph came from a Southern Louisiana plantation estate in the 1960s. Nice.  (Est. $150-200)

201. Sixth-plate tintype of a Union private with his hand tucked in his suspenders. Pants tinted powder blue, case separated at spine, a nice portrait.  (Est. $300-500)

202. Early-in-war Confederate private, a sixth-plate ambro with lovely tinting accompanied by a lock of the young combatant’s hair, housed in a thermoplastic case. An evocative offering.  (Est. $500-750)

203. Ninth-plate tintype of NY or PA private with his Bowie knife tucked in his shell jacket. Fun!   (Est. $200-300)

204. Ninth-plate ambro of Union sailor in his winter uniform, tinted cheeks. Boston back label, quite excellent.  (Est. $150-200)

205. A good pair (2) images of Andrew C. Cowles of Hamptonville, NC, a Confederate politican (CSA House of Rep. 1860-64) and colonel in the 7th NC State Militia. Includes a nicely painted framed oval portrait, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2” (painted over a photograph taken December 1870 in Raleigh) and a half-plate tintype of Cowles and eight of his well-dressed friends, most likely Congressmen, with tinted highlights and housed in brass preserver, frame and glass. Minor emulsion loss affects some of the men. Sold together with an 1873 ALS to his wife describing life in Raleigh and his experiences serving in the State Senate.    (Est. $300-400)

206. He rode with Lincoln…” Six items associated with Dr. Francis B. Davison who, as detailed in the accompanying bio, “rode with several officers into Petersburg following President Lincoln, who rode horseback, with his son, Tad, riding at his side.” Includes: a quarter-plate tintype of Davison in uniform wearing kepi, belt and dress sword; two war-date CDVs of Davison; a small 1902 biographical booklet; and his kepi insignia and oak leaf surgeon’s insignia (pictured on shoulder in CDV). A unique offering! (Est. $600-800)

207. Quarter-plate tintype of Civil War teamsters. One soldier is shown standing with a dog, one is astride a horse and another astride a mule. There are two more mules in the picture. A letter from 1910 descrbies the image: “…the one that is driving the team was killed at Resaca in ‘64.” A bit dark, but an unusual image.   (Est. $400-600)

208. Quarter-plate tinted tintype of twelve members of the Drum Corps of the 24th NY Infantry. One member is seated on a drum in front of a table, while a young boy straddles a drum at far left. The soldiers eat bread, smoke, read or drink from a bottle. Image is somewhat dark with areas of loss or abrasion. A scarce image. (Est. $800-1,000)

209. Sixth-plate tintype showing eleven Union soldiers posed outdoors. The three seated soldiers appear to be eating from a metal pot. Somewhat dark, still discernable. A great group!  (Est. $600-800)

210. Pair of sixth-plate tintypes of same soldier, seated and standing, in studio setting, with tinted cheeks. Individual served in the 7th CT Vols. Excellent.
   (Est. $200-300)

211. Two (2) items. A good sixth-plate tintype of a seated Union soldier, a touch of rouge to cheeks and gilt highlights to buttons. Some surface scratches and bends. Together with a fine sixth-plate ambrotype of an identified Union deserter. A full-length portrait of Private William White of the 11th MA Infantry. Records indicate that White, a Boston shoemaker, enlisted on June 13, 1861, and before he could even see action, deserted on June 29th, the day the regiment headed off for Washington. (This was probably a smart move on White’s part as the 11th Mass. suffered 88 casualties including 21 dead at First Manassas.) Housed in an ornate copper mat. A fine, richly detailed image with only a hint of solarization at center.  (Est. $150-250)

212. Quarter-plate ambrotype in left-hand thermo case “How’d you do” by Benjamin of Newark, NJ. Depicts two seated guys. Different, fine. (Est. $300-400)

213. Quarter-plate ambrotype of outdoor scene of a general store. Housed in thermoplastic case. Eleven men and boys pose for this image, direct out of Huck Finn! (Est. $300-400)

214. A splendid daguerreotype of a man with a bandaged arm, his hand amputated, identified by period note as “Edward Beale about 1852.” Housed in a gutta percha case with elegant red fabric, slight red tinting to cheeks. A wonderful work of art… a photograph with verve that no doubt documents a sad occasion for Mr. Beale. Early portraits of this sort are true masterpieces.   (Est. $1,000-1,500)

215. A fine, gutta percha cased tintype of a patriotic group posed with the American flag, supported by one of the subject’s guns. Housed in a brass mat.      (Est. $300-500)

216. Pair of drummer boy tintypes, red tinting, one streak of emulsion loss at legs, approx. 2-1/2 x 3-1/2”. Handsome.     (Est. $200-400)

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