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A Sixth Plate Outdoor Tintype

February 5, 2023

We picture a sixth plate outdoor tintype (“flipped”) that was taken at an 1864 political rally. The central image shows a decorated horse-drawn wagon filled with attendees. One holds an American flag, another has a sign with a discharging cannon inscribed “Our Compromise” while yet another holds a sign with a pile of cannon balls inscribed “Grant’s Pills”. To the left we see a two-lane dirt road. The background consists of a “Coat Room” building, a slightly raised platform and an array of hand-painted banners (one with standing figure of U. S. Grant, we believe). Some spectators view the banners. Although the location is not specified, we believe it may show a Republican rally at Plattsburgh, New York on October 5, 1864, which occurred in the afternoon & evening, whereas most political rallies were evening events. The fact that this particular rally started in the daytime is consistent with the taking of an outdoor tintype photograph. One of the guest speakers was Horace Greeley and people traveled from nearby Vermont in order to attend.