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Great Finds

California Gold

July 5, 2021

In this age of digital resources and archiving there is an assumption all information extant will remain as such. This remains to be seen. But we often forget gratitude to those pioneers with a sense of preservation — scrapbooking and creating albums of period ephemera… folks well-aware they were witnesses to history and thought to keep a record. This wonderful piece of ephemera is one such item, recently discovered in a San Francisco scrapbook! We’ve seen a good deal of campaign ephemera from the 1864 race coming out of California, mostly the numerous, graphic ballots, but have SELDOM(!) seen anything from 1860! Likely the top portion of a subscription form or circular, it reveals where in San Fran the Lincoln & Hamlin Committee hanged their hats, 163 Clay Street. A fun find at the annual Ephemera Society show in Connecticut.