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Chicagoans Honor the Martyr President

October 29, 2023

Finding an “unknown” item is part of the thrill of collecting. Railsplitter Dave Yount of Indiana recently acquired such a piece, being an unpublished CDV of a Chicago street scene taken at the time of Lincoln’s penultimate funeral observance. It is filled with interesting details galore. People are standing in front of 103-107 Lake Street, apparently waiting for the funeral procession to pass. Factory and office workers are posed in the windows and doorways. The building is draped in mourning with banners attached, appropriate to the occasion. The left side of the storefront has a “marble” monument to Lincoln with an urn at the top, inscribed “In Memoriam 1809-1865 A. Lincoln”. It wouldn’t be Chicago without a Leonard Volk “nude” bust of Lincoln which is flanked by two other plaster artifacts. Caption banners read “On Him We Relied In God We Trusted”. Some of the banners are obscured by mourning textiles and are therefore not totally legible. One appears to say: “… He Be Reverenced… Nation.” Various businesses occupy the attached buildings, including a Millinery establishment and “Harvey & Rawson Wholesale Dealers in Photographic Goods”. A stove manufacturer, A. C. Barler, occupied the site as of 1895 and may have been there when this view was taken. The photographer, E. R. Gard, had a gallery right across the street at 102 Lake Street, so taking some images was too good an opportunity to miss.