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Letters to the Editor

More on the Lincoln Avengers

December 1, 2020

To the Editors of The Rail Splitter:

I read the article “A Special Lincoln Medal” recently. I also have a Lincoln Avenged medal. The medal was issued to my Great-Great Grandfather, John Frank Hoover. He was a 2nd Lt. in the 16th NY Cavalry. The certificate that goes along with the medal refers to the medal as the Cross of Lincoln Avenged. The certificate has the words Pro Ejus Merito at the top. The certificate is signed by Brev. Brig. General N. B. Sweltzer.

With respect to the subject of your article, Ernst Deizlski, he is not listed as one of 16th NY Cavalry troopers who received a portion of the $75,000 Booth pursuit and capture reward, nor is my Great-Great Grandfather for that matter. Appendix G (Rewards) of “Web of Conspiracy” by Theodore Roscoe lists all of those who received a portion of the reward.

The medal I have is slightly different from the one in your article. It hangs from a single sword and only has the letters L.A. (Lincoln Avenged) on the front.The reverse side of the medal includes my Great-Great Grandfathers initials as well as the date Sept. 1885.

Hope this helps.

Christopher C. Hoover, CPA

CFO Specialist