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Rail Splinters

Beethoven’s medium channels news of Lincoln’s Death by composing “The Funeral March”

January 4, 2012

“Roll over, Beethoven!” We recently were shown a 14-page manuscript that was discovered amongst some old sheet music. Written during the height of the spiritualist movement by Mrs. E. A. Parkhurst-Duer, a composer, it was titled “A Vision of the Spirit World: The Prophecies and Fulfillments.” Covering the period 1855-1865, it begins by recounting an 1855 vision of Mrs. P. in which she visits her departed mother in the heavenly abode, hears music played by a celestial band, and is introduced to the “master” himself, Ludwig von Beethoven. Speaking in English, he tells her: “I am your teacher. I put the thoughts in your mind when you play, and through you I have work to do. In a short time, an event is to occur in your world that will shock the nations. There will be a great sorrow, and I want to give to the world one idea, my expression of grief. When I passed away, I left unpublished manuscripts and some unfinished. They are kept under lock and key. You will write and give to the world some of my unpublished work.” And, true to his prophecy, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 and Mrs. Parkhurst-Duer wrote “The Funeral March” that was played at Lincoln’s funeral in New York and throughout the country. But, the composer was, in actuality, Ludwig “Von” himself, believe it or not! We are reminded of the classic jest: What is Beethoven currently doing? He’s de-composing!!