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Suspect Lincoln

A Cased Sixth-Plate Tintype

February 5, 2023

An eBay seller offered a cased sixth-plate tintype. circa 1860, that he claimed showed Mary Todd Lincoln as a child. The starting price was $199, but nobody was that stupid to throw away money. The seller sent the following reply to an inquiry:  “I can affirm this is 100% a young Mary Todd Lincoln…  as my great-grandmother, Ruth Whittemore, was an avid collector of all things Abraham Lincoln, from some of Abraham Lincoln’s personal journals among other records. All were recorded and verified by her daughter who held onto them until her recent passing. These are not items I particularly want to sell, but given the current covid-19 situation, I have to. Recently, I have sold a few items here on eBay with original Abraham Lincoln content such as original photos and other content. I’d be happy to share some of the information about those items from those previous sales if it interests you any further.  Take Care & Stay Safe!, Chris”