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Suspect Lincoln

Deceptive Booth CDV

May 14, 2023

A CDV of John Wilkes Booth, with Anthony/Brady back mark and printed inscription indicating it was issued to aid in the identification of the assassin, appeared on eBay. The pinkish hue to the mount did not seem right, nor did the ruled border. A hands-on inspection would have helped but, based on what was presented, a questionable piece, in our view. It realized $463. 

A similar example was sold on eBay on February 19, 2018. We have first-hand knowledge that that example had been “kicked back” to the vendor as a confirmed fake and the sale canceled. It was subsequently relisted with no indication of its prior history, selling for $213. We picture both examples, front & back, for reference purposes. The portraits of Booth appear to be taken from the same source, with matching defects, although the most recently sold example is cropped more tightly on the top and right edge. In the end, each collector must decide for themselves the “bona fides” of such offerings.